Motto : Truth and love must prevail over lies and hatred.
Vaclav Havel, former president of the Czech Republic 1989-2003


Our Mission is: to monitor, access and administer grants from US and Canadian entities. We focus on research, development, innovation, and the exchange of experts and trainees from the Czech Republic to North America and vice versa. We are involved in the fields of business (for profit and non profit), culture, sports, and science. We also work with exhibition operators in the EU.

Promote and establish business, cultural, sporting, scientific and social cooperation between the EU, US and Canada.


Presentation of the Czech Republic

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Czechia has marvellous people

"We provide grant consultancy"

...for businessmen, students, volunteers from the US and Canada and others, we provide services such as: starting a business in the EU, finding a business partner, survey/research regarding sales of goods and services in the EU, internships, study visits, legal consultation, tax and accounting assistance and other specialized services.

We monitor GRANTS

we monitor the grant databanks of the US and Canada. These grants can be awarded for educational, training, research, NGO, sporting, cultural or business purposes.

We access GRANTS

provided by various donors - foundations, private companies, charities, celebrities and others. We also try to match up North American candidates for grants from the EU.

We administer GRANTS

with the help of our foreign partners we will provide administration of U.S. approved grants.

ENAGO stands for European North American Grant Office.

"Monitors, administers, collaborates and strives to develop the world for the better."

Ing. Aleš Baran


Ing. Aleš Baran

Dominik Burget


Dominik Burget

Ing. Zdeněk Pumprla


Ing. Zdeněk Pumprla

Bc. David Chuda

Project manager

Bc. David Chuda


European North American Grant Office (ENAGO)
Bozeny Nemcove 1651/7
750 02 Prerov
Czech Republic

Contact in the USA:

Dr. Miriam Margala


+420 733 185 688