* improve the acquisition of information technology for non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic and even outside the country

* improve the conditions for carrying out IT functions in non-profit organizations

* support the enhanced usage of technical and programming tools which are available and can benefit the users.

The main activities of the organization:

* interact with lawmakers and state authorities of the Czech Republic and European Union to create favourable conditions which support better use of information and communication technologies in the non-profit sector within and outside the Czech Republic

* bring together IT representatives from non-profit organizations and their partners

* obtain and share IT information from the non-profit sector and take advantage of the experience of its members in the field of IT

* on the basis of individual member requests, secure and arrange for their training and education in IT

* coordinate the exchange of IT experience/"know how" between local non-profit organizations and further cooperation with international organizations,

* promote the importance of IT for the administration and activities of non-profit organizations

* protect the professional interests of the members - through individual member claims when they benefit the whole

* organize in whole or take part in the organization of conferences, conventions, seminars and working meetings

* organize contests with the goal of publicizing IT projects with the most benefit for non-profit organizations.


Where is our project team located?

Czech Republic and USA


When was our organisation founded?



How many full time employees does our organisation have?



What is our annual turnover (in EUR) for 2014?



What is our annual turnover (in EUR) for 2015?



What is your annual turnover (in EUR) for 2016?



The contact for our project ?

Dominik Burget


What is his phone number?



What is his contact email?



What is our website URL?



References to us:

As a reference person for our organization, it is possible to contact Mrs. Eliška Hašková Coolidge (www.ehc.cz). She served as a secretary for 5 former US presidents and now supports cooperation between the USA and the Czech Republic.


2. Project Details


Our project is a collaborative project with other organisations :

Forbes CZ (www.forbes.cz), Boston Consulting Group CZ (www.bcg.com/about/offices/prague.aspx), Multimedia company MAFRA (www.mafra.cz/english.aspx), Czech Chamber of Commerce (www.komoracz.eu), AmCham (www.amcham.cz), Government of the Czech Republic (www.vlada.cz/en), Association of Social Responsibility (www.spolecenskaodpovednostfirem.cz/en) a Google CZ (www.google.cz ) too.


What is the title of our project?

CSR Index


A brief overview of the project :

The purpose of the project is to provide easy access to the latest CSR news to journalists, media outlets, corporations, municipalities, citizens and NGOs from all around the world. This will be achieved by developing a global internet and mobile application with a focus on social responsibility. To get an idea, imagine “LinkedIn focused on CSR”, making it possible to share, monitor, rate, archive CSR information. The key form of innovation will be the CSR Index which allows each registered entity to quantify the extent of its CSR activities. This application will offer to all media outlets/journalists a unique platform for obtaining CSR information on small and medium sized businesses, on ordinary citizens as well as big corporations and celebrities. On the other hand, all bodies will have the ability to directly contact journalists/media outlets who are focusing on CSR within their region and field of activities… All this together may create a completely new “ecosystem” for global CSR. The project will make it possible for journalists and event organizers to get up to date feedback effectively and in a very short time, saving time and effort for all involved in the CSR field.


Our project in more detail:

There is a lot of talk about social responsibility, but there doesn't currently exist a global platform for CSR nor an algorithm measuring CSR activities for each entity.

1) Small and medium sized companies and NGOs would often gladly inform the public about their CSR activities and share information about their beneficial activities and events. However, in most cases they do not have the finances to do so, nor do they have professionals focusing on the CSR topic. We are going to give them the option of placing a specific CSR icon on their landing web pages which would automatically forward anyone clicking on it to their CSR profile in our CSR application. All registered subjects will be able to create and manage their profiles in this application.

 2) Media outlets and journalists do not have a global platform where they can find CSR information, for example: information about company CSR events, company results and the social impact of their actions, beneficial events, beneficial activities of citizens, CSR projects, community work, partnerships, CSR conferences, and CSR reporting.

 3) Entities have to spend a lot of time searching for the contact information of journalists and media outlets focusing on CSR, in order to inform them about their activities and events. It takes a lot of effort and time before they can reach the right channel and establish connections. Journalists would have their own profile area where the users may offer them information about CSR activities and events. Journalists will be able to set up a focus point, the size of region they want to follow, and other specific parameters. The project has been given 102,045 euros (109.000 USD) from an EU grant. That means we have already been provided with 45% of the whole budget of the project.

We are asking for a sum of 130,000 euros (157.000 USD) which would cover the remaining 55% of the project cost. The project is set to start on 1 June, 2017, and will take 19 months to complete. We are using the same project team which has already been successful with a global start-up project - SPORTCENTRAL (www.sportcentral.cz).


What makes our project innovative?

1) We have created a unique algorithm for CSR activities in the form of a CSR Index, which can quantify the level of CSR activity for each subject based on qualitative and quantitative data. For this algorithm, we have taken advantage of methodologies from Forbes CZ and consultants from IPSOS and Ernst&Young CZ. We have also used the results of reasearch from 130 CSR EU experts. Based on these methodologies we have set up 4 separate algorithms for corporations, NGOs, citizens, and municipalities. The algorithm is mainly open source and is based on tens of variables with different levels of value of CSR (company value & culture, relations to supply partners, relations to customers, relations to employees, relations to local communities, environmental science, etc.). Only 5% of the algorithm is “closed”/not public (our “know how”). The application will process information entered by the subject and automatically calculate the CSR Index. We see innovation in that the application sets a CSR Index for each subject. Our goal is that Google (based on partnership in this project) would prioritize subjects registered in the CSR application by giving those subjects an advantage in Google Search position. In other words, we would like Google to incorporate in their “closed” search algorithm our variable, giving priority to subjects registered in the CSR application.

 2) Another form of innovation will be the ability to print out a certificate for each subject who has gone through the CSR rating process. These certificates will be personalized by an “ambassador’s” signature. “Ambassadors” will be individuals such as celebrities, artists, athletes, politicians, journalists, etc… We will contract these ambassadors.

Technologies used - PHP, MzSQL, Net Framework, Balsamiq Mockups and Eclipse To promote the application we will use the global program Google ad Grants that supports NGOs. For this reason we have not included marketing costs in the budget of this project.


How will our project support and stimulate innovation in digital news ?

We see the added value of this project in that we will provide global media outlets that focus on CSR (and even other general media outlets) a tool for obtaining a comprehensive view of CSR happenings in a specific region, country, continent, city, corporation, or NGO. For media outlets it means a faster and more comfortable source of CSR information, and it also supplies a way of obtaining faster publicity for events and their impact. Media outlets will be able to easily search through events and activities. Easy access to direct contacts for both media outlets and CSR entity representatives. We believe it will be a huge time and resource (money, man-power) saving application. Tools will provide analytical CSR statistics. For the initial phase of the project, we will look to involve students studying journalism, and we will give them the opportunity to be ambassadors of the projects (sharing of the project). With their help we will innovate and upgrade the CSR tools.


How would we best characterise the current stage of your project?

Development phase


What is the amount we are seeking to receive ?

130.000 EUR (157.000 USD)


3. Approach & resources


How are other organisations tackling this topic and what approaches have been tried in the past?

A platform connecting both media outlets and CSR entities does not exist. Based on our research, there are only two major applications for CSR - UN Global Compact (www.unglobalcompact.org) and SDGs in Action (https://sdgsinaction.com). Neither of these applications provide a means to set a CSR Index, connect media outlets with CSR subjects, or tools to manage CSR activities.


Total overall Budget (in EUR)



Editorial costs (on staff or freelance employees)



Engineering and development/maintainance cosi



Purchase / licensing of software



Purchase of any equipment and hardware



Marketing cost



Other costs



4. Planning & evaluation


What are the key indicators we will use to track progress towards the outcome we described previously?

The key project indicators are: 1) one internet CSR application, 2) one mobile CSR application, 2) four new job positions.

Metrics of the project are: 1) the number of CSR profiles/entities of NGOs, businesses, citizens and municipalities, 2) the number of registered and nonregistered application users, 3) the number of CSR profile views, 4) the number of CSR profiles shared, 5) the number of “likes” on CSR profiles, 6) the number CSR profile favorites, 7) the number of CSR events published in CSR profiles, 8) the number of CSR events saved in users’ calendars, 9) the number of used options “more CSR advantages” for registered users, 10) the number of “clicked” links on CSR profiles, 11) the number of printed certifications, 12) the number of registered journalists and media outlets.


The monetisation plan of our project:

We expect revenue from Google ads, grants, earnings from CSR certificates and other services in the app.We have a more detailed structure of expected earnings in a business plan.


Specific milestones and planning :

1 Sept. 2013: we came up with the idea for the application at the camp Starcube Lite in JIC Brno, CZ (www.jic.cz),

1 Jan. 2014 - until now: we continually receive information about CSR activities and has started cooperating with the European Commitee, CSR section, UN Global Compact (www.unglobalcompact.org) and CSR Europe (www.csreurope.org),

1 Jan. 2015 - until now: we have been creating project partnerships,

1 Oct. 2016: we received an innovation voucher for the development of the CSR Index,

1 Nov. 2016: we received a grant from the EU of 102,045 euros (45% of the budget)

Thank you very much for taking the time to consider our project request.



Aleš Baran           

Aleš Baran, CEO


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